The Most Popular Dieting Techniques : HCG Diet

What is HCG Diet?

This diet is very different from most other diets that you will hear about. This diet relies on the introduction of a specific hormone in the body, which makes it different. The concept is that our body suffers from hormonal imbalances due to our changing lifestyles and one of the manifestations of that is in the abnormalities that are caused in our digestive system.

The idea is simple—give the body the hormones that it is missing and its health will be enhanced. But, the repercussions of introducing a hormone into the body need to be looked into. Though controversial, the HCG Diet has become very popular of late. If this diet interests you, make sure to take good medical counsel before proceeding with it.

The HCG diet is a controversial approach to weight loss. The hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, after which the diet is named) is injected or ingested at a very low dose, combined with at times a very low calorie intake. People who have battled to lose weight for many years have reported this diet successful for them. It was designed in the 1950s and has been modified and re-released.

What Is the Basic Philosophy behind the Diet?

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the placenta cells during pregnancy. It is found in small amounts in nonpregnant men and women and is believed to increase metabolism and act as an appetite suppressant. The participants in the HCG diet self-inject or ingest very small doses of HCG every day and combine this with a diet approach that is highly regulated. Food eaten is natural, organic, and fresh foods. There is a restriction on fast foods and processed foods in the diet.

What Support Is Offered by the Parent Organization?

The program is offered online and in clinics around the world. People can choose to do the program completely at home or can attend a clinic weekly where they receive personal support. Clinics are spread throughout the world and are accessible in most towns of the USA. People choosing the personal contact approach visit the clinics each week for the duration of the program.

Online websites provide information and support and the HCG can be prescribed by a medical advisor and accessed in a pharmacy. As this diet involves injections of a hormone, it is extremely important that medical advice is sought before commencing this program.

How Does the Diet Work?

The diet incorporates four phases and each phase is different in it’s content. The four phases include injection, some diet change, major calorie restrictions, normal diet with some food restrictions, and normal diet based on organic foods. The controversy surrounding the diet focuses on the use of HCG as a dietary medication when it is not approved by the Federal Drug Authority in the USA and the extremely low calorie intake which some consider is not enough to maintain normal body functions.

People following the diet reportedly lose between 1 and 3 pounds of weight each week and fat loss is reportedly more obvious in those places where fat deposits are more commonly seen. Even though controversial, it has its supporters who feel it offers a solution to those who have attempted other ways to lose weight without success.

Nutrition experts feel the weight loss is most likely a result of the very low calorie intake rather than any benefit from the injections. Weight loss tends to be rapid and consistent when on the program, making it a popular choice for those who are results driven. The very low calorie intake leaves people feeling initially lethargic and with little energy ,but after the program is completed, the focus on healthy eating and the associated life style changes and weight loss produces are energized feeling in most participants.

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