Product Review: Definition, and Types of Product Review

Writing product reviews is a common thing. Furthermore, reviews are a huge part of the marketing for a company. When you are going to write a review of something, you need a thorough understanding of the product you are going to review. Well, before you go any further, consider the next piece of information so you can review the product better.

What is Product Review?

Basically, a product review is a customer's assessment of the quality of a product or service based on the use of his or her own experience. Lackermair, Kailer, and Kanmaz said that product reviews are written customer reviews that explain the characteristics (disadvantages & advantages) of a product based on a product based on personal experience.

To improve a potential customer's experience by reviewing a product, the purpose of a personal review is as follows.

  1. Introducing a brand or brand Generally, companies will involve consumers, influencers, key opinion, or bloggers to provide reviews related to their products. As a result, this form of evaluation is considered the most effective and objective way of building public trust.
  2. Provide information about the product in a summary. The information supplied will provide the audience with a succinct overview of the promotion, function, and benefits of a certain product. That condensed and detailed information will be packaged in easily digestible bites for consumers.
  3. An review can be beneficial to consumers by enhancing their confidence in the quality of a product. Provided that the review is positive, customers can tend to trust the product that was reviewed. Whether you are providing a review or someone else, your motives are not typically associated with promotion.

Kind of Product reviews

Product reviews have several types, including:

1.Review Text Review text is one type of text that is used to describe a work in order to know the quality of the work, such as in films, books, and others.

2. Book Review Online shopping for books does not indicate the consumption of physical novels is at their end. Review on the books found online will make your research simpler and allow them to match your desires and needs.

3. Gadget Review Almost everyone uses gadgets to support daily operational activities. With so many requests for these gadgets, gadget companies are competing to be able to meet this demand.

So, so that users have no trouble choosing the most suitable gadget to use, it is important to do a product review.

4. Journal Review Journal review is a strategy to make researching easier for readers. That way, readers can access the information that they need more easily.

5. Food Reviews

There's no shortage of various creations and innovations for foodies to consider when discussing food. It's a highly attractive option for possible patrons. One way to know the flavor of the dish, content, odor, and cost of the food, it's by doing a food review.

6. Clothing Review With the increasing number of types and models of clothing being marketed, it creates confusion for people to choose the model and type that suits their personality.


Writing a review does require skills in mapping how you feel. There are many things you need to prepare to be able to produce good product reviews.

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