7 Risks of Drinking Coffee Every Day

Coffee drinks with a variety of flavors are becoming increasingly popular today. Coffee itself has been widely studied, both benefits and negative effects. Well, if you drink coffee every day, are there any health Risks?

Many studies have looked at the various benefits of coffee for the health of the body.Coffee beans contain many antioxidant compounds that can help prevent various diseases, such as liver problems, Parkinson's disease, and dementia.

Even though it brings quite a lot of benefits, drinking coffee every day can bring harmful side effects to the body.

What are the various bad effects of drinking coffee every day that may happen to you?

1. Causes sleep disturbances

Many people deliberately drink coffee every day to relieve sleepiness. Caffeine in coffee can indeed help stimulate the part of the brain that runs the focus system. As a result, concentration increases and you can work more productively.

Caffeine can also block adenosine, a chemical compound that can trigger drowsiness. Unfortunately, sleep disturbances can be a danger that arises from the habit of drinking coffee every day. As a result, you will have difficulty sleeping and experience insomnia.

2. Increase blood pressure

For those of you who have hypertension, be careful with the effects of drinking coffee every day. The caffeine content in coffee can block hormones that make blood vessels dilate.

This makes the blood vessels narrow so that blood pressure will increase. In addition, caffeine intake also increases adrenaline compounds. These compounds trigger an increase in blood vessels and heart palpitations.

3. Trigger anxiety

Another danger of drinking coffee every day that can arise is mood problems, namely feeling restless or anxious constantly.

The caffeine in coffee increases a compound called cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This compound was found to increase levels of catecholamine compounds in the blood.

When there is an increase in catecholamine levels in the body, this causes the body to respond in a way similar to how you would face fear.

These feelings of anxiety and restlessness can become more intense if you drink too much coffee in one day.

4. Caffeine Addiction

Who would have thought, coffee can also cause dependence. If you are used to drinking coffee every day, your body will get used to the presence of caffeine.

Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant compound that affects the central nervous system. The central nervous system plays an important role in controlling emotions and psychological states.

If you stop drinking coffee suddenly, you will experience what is called a caffeine withdrawal effect.

When you are addicted to caffeine, you will feel a headache from coffee. Various other symptoms of caffeine addiction that can be felt, namely:

  • tired,
  • decreased alertness,
  • unclear mind,
  • difficulty concentrating, and
  • irritability and mood changes.

5. Makes teeth yellow and prone to cavities

In addition to the stomach, the dangers of drinking every day also attack the teeth. In this case, the effect of coffee on the teeth, namely causing yellow stains.

Coffee has a high acidity and also contains tannins and flavonoids. Both are able to leave stains on the surface of the teeth. In addition, many coffees use additives, such as sugar, milk, chocolate, or cream.

All of these additives can actually increase the formation of caries or damage to the tooth surface, causing cavities.

6. Frequent urination

Basically, the caffeine in coffee is a diuretic or increases urine output. Drinking coffee every day can cause you to urinate more often. Citing a study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology (2015), caffeine inhibits the reabsorption process in the kidneys, namely the process of reabsorbing substances that are important for the body. If reabsorption goes unhindered, important substances will go into the bloodstream.

However, this inhibition of reabsorption makes these substances excreted through the urine so that the frequency of urination increases.

Unfortunately, if you don't drink enough water, urinating too much can lead to dehydration.

7. Inhibits iron absorption

The dangers of drinking coffee every day are vulnerable for people who experience iron deficiency, such as iron deficiency anemia.

The reason is, coffee contains caffeine, tannins, and chlorogenic acid which can bind iron levels. Therefore, this one nutrient is difficult for the body to absorb.

Usually, these three ingredients are more likely to bind iron that comes from vegetable iron sources. To avoid this, you can switch sources of iron to red meat, liver, and seafood.

How to reduce the dangers of drinking coffee every day

You may have a habit of drinking coffee. However, also pay attention to how to enjoy it healthily so that it can reduce the effects of coffee on the body caused. Some things that can be done to avoid the effects of drinking coffee every day are as follows.

  • Drink during the day, avoid drinking after 2 o'clock.
  • Also avoid drinking coffee in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Make sure the intake is not excessive, which is 2-3 cups of black coffee or the equivalent is 250-400 mg of caffeine per day.
  • Reduce or stop adding sugar, milk, and cream.

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